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Here are three click worthy artists to check out today. Discover, Support & Share!

Hurt Valley
Los Angeles, California

LA-based musician Brian Collins records music as Hurt Valley. He creates a psychedelic folk-pop that often has a head nodding quality that will stick. Hurt Valley will release their debut, Glacial Pace, on December 6th via Woodsist and right now you can check out the first single “Apartment Houses.” The sun-drenched track has a confident vibe that should have you wanting to hear more!

Hurt Valley Bandcamp

The Hecks
Chicago, Illinois

Chicago trio The Hecks have been at it since 2012, and recorded their s/t debut back in 2016 for Trouble In Mind Records. My Star is their sophomore outing and it took them three years to create. The good news is that you can hear the hard work as the new wave funky Wire delivery has a unique jerkiness to it. I don’t think calling The Hecks a modern Talking Heads and Devo mix is too off the mark. My Star is out now on Trouble In Mind Records.

The Hecks Bandcamp

New York, New York

You can give me the jangly indie rock that New York’s Jeanines are dealing out any day of the week. Their style reminds me of past groups like Veronica Girls, The Aislers Set or Saturday Looks Good To Me. This 60’s inspired set of tracks is very simple on the surface but its real complexity is delivered lyrically and how these tunes stay memorable. Trust me on the Jeanines – you will be foot tapping from the minute the album begins!

Jeanines Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony

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