Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 15 (September 2014)

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bandcamp 15
The Fire Note’s September Bandcamp feature is kicking off fall with 10 artists that should be on your campfire playlists. In this edition you will find some sludge from France, pop punk from Cleveland, a returning band from Florida and music from Rapid City, South Dakota. As always, make sure you Discover, Support & Share!

ausmuteants Ausmuteants
Melbourne, Australia

Aussie punk/pop outfit, Ausmuteants continue a surge of quality catchy garage punk from Australia. Fans of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and The UV Race will delight in Ausmuteants’ brand of keyboard driven punk. The 3-track Stale White Boys Playing Stale Black Music is over before you know it, but I keep replaying it. Over and over and over…incredibly catchy and fun to listen to. New LP is coming soon! Do not miss this band!

Ausmeteants Bandcamp

not-blood-paint Not Blood Paint
Brooklyn, New York

It’s most impressive when a band strikes a harmony that causes you to take notice. For Not Blood Paint that just so happens to be the case. Pulling influence from Islands, Dr.Dog, Grizzly Bear, and a touch of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Not Blood Paint holds an impressive pantheon of sound that carries energy, grace, and temperance. They are on tour now and if you cannot see them live I urge you to at least listen to a song or two.

Not Blood Paint Bandcamp

stonewitch Stonewitch
Angoulême, France

Having just taken shape, Stonewitch are on their way to bigger and better things. Taking one part “Braindead Warrior” with equal parts Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, and Saint Vitus. Stonewitch temper their sound in the flames of sludge and doom to expand their appeal. When more material is released I feel they will have Matt Pike’s blessing and saying that is more than enough credit.

Stonewitch Bandcamp

copeland Copeland
Lakeland, Florida

Copeland released four stellar albums from 2003 to 2008, built on the foundation of principle songwriter Aaron Marsh’s angelic vocals and dreamy piano and guitar work. The band broke up after their last album, You Are My Sunshine, but now they’re back with all original members and sounding better than ever. Their new album Ixora drops October 31.

Copeland Bandcamp

goat GOAT
Koepilombolo, Sweden

Goat’s mysterious members craft swirling, trippy psych-rock that recalls classics like the Thirteenth Floor Elevators as well as more recent acts like Rose Windows. It should come as no surprise, then, that Sub Pop just released Goat’s newest record Commune.

GOAT Bandcamp

cool-ghouls Cool Ghouls
San Francisco, California

Cool Ghouls have a 60s rock Byrds vibe going on as you can hear in their back catalog. The band keeps improving with every release and they have an excellent sounding new album on Empty Cellar Records due out in November which we can’t wait to spin. Checking them out will have you ready as well!

Cool Ghouls Bandcamp

tyrannosaurus dead Tyrannosaurus Dead
Brighton, UK

Here is a 5 piece band from Brighton, England that offers plenty of melodic, fuzzed out, noise pop. They are set to release their debut LP Flying Ant Day on November 3rd through Odd Box Records. It is a record that is a super easy listen if this style is in your wheelhouse.

Tyrannosaurus Dead Bandcamp

steve-gunn Steve Gunn
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Psychedelic guitarist becomes singer songwriter is the headline behind Steve Gunn. His new record, Way Out Weather, hits October 4th Paradise of Bachelors. You get nothing fancy here just solid musicianship. Gunn has been catching some praise lately and is heading out on tour which includes two weeks supporting The War On Drugs.

Steve Gunn Bandcamp

light years Light Years
Cleveland, Ohio

No matter how many people try to bury it, pop-punk will continue to live! That brings us to Cleveland’s Light Years which offers up four straight driving tracks on their new EP Temporary. It is a quick, 16-minute blast of punk-rock that has everything you want with hooks, guitars and plenty of skins.

Light Years Bandcamp

mystery-pills Mystery Pills
Rapid City, South Dakota

I will totally admit that I was interested in Mystery Pills because Raj Dawson’s moniker hails from Rapid City, SD. Dawson has more of a punk beginning but has evolved into Mystery Pills catchy soaring vocals with wood-paneled keyboards and haunted drum machines. This song is a teaser for Mystery Pills debut album Old Gold Devils which is still looking for a release date maybe by the end of this year.

Mystery Pills Bandcamp

-Feature by Daniel Taylor, Christopher Tahy, Simon Workman and Christopher Anthony

Fire Note Staff

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