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Another quality batch of music this week for AOW. Chicago’s Moontype displays plenty of indie talent on their debut while the soft and intricate vocals of Brooklyn’s Sam Yield will have you getting closer to your speakers. Lastly Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner shines with her solo project Flock Of Dimes. Remember to Discover, Support and Share as every purchase counts for all artists!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s Moontype just released their debut record, Bodies Of Water, on Born Yesterday Records. The group is made up of three conservatory students at Oberlin College’s prestigious music program as each member focused on exploring different sounds. Guitarist Ben Cruz, has the classic rock shredding / jazz performances background, drummer Emerson Hunton, who’d drummed from age six and had experience in the improvised music scene then Margaret McCarthy rounds out the trio with a resume of playing piano, singing in choir and writing on guitar. All of these talents makes for an interesting record that has indie pop elements with a blanket of shoegaze. The group can rip like on the louder “Lush” while the elegant over 5 minute “Ferry” just flows and builds. The talent of this group is easy to hear as Moontype sounds focused, confident and mature. Even when they shift tempos in tracks the group does it with an effortless movement that gives the record seamless transitions.

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Moontype Bandcamp

Sam Yield
Brooklyn, New York

Sam Yield is the former bassist in the Brooklyn indie band Haybaby. His debut solo album, Terra Australis, was released in January on Plastic Miracles and it is a solid singer/songwriter acoustic guitar record to its core. Some of the songs for this album go way back to Yield’s early days as a musician, so you get a wide spectrum of emotion throughout its 35 minute runtime. His soft vocals and intricate guitar playing are as advertised as this album does not stray outside its basic approach. Terra Australis is a sleeper album for sure that has not had much attention but give it a spin and you will hear why Sam Yield should be on your radar moving forward.

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Sam Yield Bandcamp

Flock Of Dimes
Baltimore, Maryland

Jenn Wasner launched her solo project, Flock of Dimes, in 2011 as an outlet to try some different things outside her main gig Wye Oak. Her new album, Head Of Roses, was just released on Sub Pop Records. No matter what music you put behind her, one thing you can’t dispute is that Wasner’s voice soars and all it takes is one listen to “Price Of Blue” from the record to realize her true talent. Her mystical vocals with the guitar riffs running in the background is a different side of Wasner and really helps Flock Of Dimes stand out as something unique. I would even say this track is already one of my favorites this year. Hands down, Flock of Dimes is a must listen if you are a fan of Wye Oak but honestly this project could easily catch a wider audience if just given the chance.

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Flock Of Dimes Bandcamp

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