Guided By Voices: The Bears For Lunch 7-Inches

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Guided By Voices
“Hangover Child” / “White Flag” / “Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere” 7-Inches
Guided By Voices Inc. [2012]

Along with three absolutely stellar Guided By Voices full length albums this year the fans have also been treated with 7-inch releases for the singles. This latest batch are the three singles from their latest full length, The Bears For Lunch, which was just released this month. The tracks were well picked as all three are stand outs from the record but what most people will want from the wax would be the four B-sides.

The songs themselves fit the typical B-side description as they have their own unique vibe and would have not fit in well on the record. The distribution is spread out over the band as Hangover Child gives you a psychedelic “Urchin Promise” from Tobin Sprout. White Flag features two Pollard tracks that have more of his solo touch to them as they were produced with Todd Tobias. Both songs are mid-tempo numbers and “Casino Model” has a great line when Pollard sings “as Johnny Cash sings pinball wizard.” The last of the three, Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere, offers up the Mitch Mitchell penned track “The World’s Getting Smaller” which is a revved up rock n roll song.

I will tell you that the packaging on all three of these 7-inches are worth it for collectors. The pressing is limited to 1000 for each and compared to the thicker card board stock jackets of their earlier 2012 singles these three records have a more old school thin paper style jacket which feels like the days when giant retailers used to carry what was more commonly called 45’s. It is also noteworthy that all three of these 7-inches have the new GBV Inc. imprint label which is to be standardized on all future vinyl releases (see picture below). If you are a fan then you should already have these in your collection – if you are just starting out the singles will sell you in an instant!

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