Graham Repulski: My Color Is Red [7-Inch Feature]

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Graham Repulski
My Color Is Red 7″
Big School Records [2012]

The My Color Is Red 7″ represents the 6th release in the past 2 years from Graham Repulski and it is their very first release on wax. The four tracks included on this 7″ once again embrace the band’s love for lo-fi indie pop and all together give you a little over 7 minutes of music.

Now what they do in these seven minutes sets them apart as tracks like “Mommy’s Dreaming” sticks in your head with its repeated lo-fi chorus and perfect balance of distorted vocals, which honestly could fit right in with early GBV records. Pollard collaborator Todd Tobias once again worked with the band and mastered the release which, as always, is the perfect pairing for what Graham Repulski like to do.

If you have checked out Graham Repulski before then the My Color Is Red 7″ will certainly please your ear and is a must to pick up as it has been pressed in an extremely limited quantity of 200 hand-numbered red vinyl with each featuring unique cut-out artwork.

Graham Repulski Website
Graham Repulski Facebook
Big School Records

-Feature by Christopher Anthony

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