Panda Riot “Amanda In The Clouds” Flexi 7″ / 40 Cloud Sleeves

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I think many of us can agree that vinyl brings back an increased art and creativity to the packaging which compliments the music it holds. Sure I remember a cow skin Aerosmith CD and a buffalo hair covered Juliana Hatfield disc but a creative vinyl jacket is much more interesting. That being said here is a new flexi disc offering from Panda Riot that if you hurry can be snagged in a cloud sleeve – that is right a cloud sleeve! You can pick one up HERE.

Pressing Info:
40 w/ cloud sleeve
210 Regular sleeve

This is the first in an ongoing series of flexi discs from Notes & Bolts Records. “Amanda In The Clouds” is the lead off track from Panda Riot’s new album Northern Automatic Music.

Christopher Anthony

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