GA-20: Live Vol. 1 (Teal Wax | 1000 Copies)

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The way the blues was meant to be: LIVE! This four track EP is the first of many live efforts from GA-20 to come. These four tunes show the wide range of the group, ranging from mellow in the world of groups like The Wood Brothers to raw, electric blues more kin to early 60s Chicago Blues.

Over at Colemine Records you can pick up this great EP on Teal or Black vinyl. The teal is limited to 1000 copies and will be released on September 18, 2020. You can find the limited variant at Colemine Records HERE.

1. The Whale Has Swallowed Me
2. No Teasin’ Around
3. Tell Me Pretty Baby
4. Cut You Loose

Fire Note Staff

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