Acid Dad: Acid Dad (Electric Blue & Pink Vinyl w/ Aqua Blue Splatter LP | 200 Copies)

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pic: Alec Castillo

We have been hyping up Acid Dad since their first cassette and now Greenway Records is releasing their debut self-titled LP on March 9th. As you know, Greenway always has your good looking vinyl covered and this one is no exception.

The LP is available in Deluxe Smash Electric Blue & Pink Vinyl w/ Aqua Blue Splatter that also comes with a download. This variant is limited to 200 copies. Also the first 100 VINYL pre-orders come with a custom Acid Dad enamel pin. You can pick up a copy HERE.

If cassettes are your thing, Greenway also has a Clear Tape Shell with Blue and Pink with a 4 Panel Full Color J-Card that also includes a download. The cassette is limited to 100 copies and can be found on the same order page.

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