Teenage Fanclub – “Foreign Land” [Album Review]

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Teenage Fanclub are excited to announce their new album Nothing Lasts Forever out September 22 via Merge Records in the U.S. and on their own label PeMa in the UK/Europe.

The first sound you hear is a sustained feedback note that hangs in the air with the grace of a dragonfly before an acoustic riff spirals out of it, soaring upwards. It’s blissful and sun-soaked, like a late summer haze blurring out all the details on the horizon. When voices join the music, they arrive perfectly locked together, honed in on a single melody. “It’s time to move along / and leave the past behind me…” The message is simple. Don’t look back, only forward.

“Foreign Land” is the opening track on Teenage Fanclub’s eleventh full studio album Nothing Lasts Forever. That track – and the rest of this beautifully rich and melodic album – is the sound of a season’s end, of the last warm days of the year while nights begin to draw in and thoughts become reflective and more than a little melancholy.

You can order the album HERE.

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