Swiftumz – “Falling Down” [Video]

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Swiftumz has shared the “Falling Down” music video, from the new album Simply The Best that was released today on Empty Cellar Reocrds. A little background on “Falling Down” –

“This song was gifted to the project by Northern California legend Scott Miller (Nar, The Bananas, Bright Ideas, English Single ect.) It is my favorite song on the record. The recording didn’t click until we erased my guitar part and  the original drums. The drums were then re-recorded to the backing tracks as the last thing on the song, and it worked!” -Swiftumz

Christopher McVicker could capably add a chapter or two to the omnipresent tall tale of perfect pop’s supposed rebirth in 21st century San Francisco. That’s assuming he could be bothered to weigh in on the subject. Still, for the last decade-plus, McVicker’s chosen musical guise of SWIFTUMZ has certainly been inspirational to the current pack. This perennially loose project allows McVicker to shape myriad aural obsessions into something quintessentially his own. From the distorted fuzz-centric moments on his earliest recordings through his more recent punky bursts of shiny pop, McVicker’s work has wowed the fortunate few who have bent an ear in his direction. For sure, “Everybody loves Chris”. Now returning with Simply The Best, he has leveled up.

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