Osees – “Perm Act” [Video]

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OSEES have shared “Perm Act,” the second single off their forthcoming album, A Foul Form, due August 12 via Castle Face Records. The new track comes alongside a music video featuring animation by John Harlow.

Speaking on their new video, John Dwyer wrote:

“Who likes a cop? Other cops.
After years of having unpleasant to violent encounters with police, I had the thought that wouldn’t it be fun if they loved each other so much they ate each other…a sort of dark comedy contemporary and executive branch based ‘a modest proposal.’

Problem solved?
The violence would hit such a high pitch that they just frenzied like sharks with chum. I saw with my own eyes two of the biggest knuckleheads i grew up with go on to have careers in law enforcement emulating the beatings they regularly took when they would mouth off to a cop. These guys were most definitely not fit for gun ownership, let alone policing others.
Good luck out there.”

You can order the album HERE.

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