October And The Eyes – “Playing God” [Video]

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New Zealand-born, London-based singer, songwriter and producer October and The Eyes shares the new single/video, “Playing God,” from her debut EP, Dogs and Gods, out November 20th on KRO Records. Following lead single “All My Love,” “Playing God” is fierce and dark, October’s fuzzy vocals empowered over ricocheting percussion and wavy guitar.

“‘Playing God’ is about the innate human desire for power and control but also our ability to cry ‘poor little ole me’ when it all gets too much,” says October. “We’ve seen it time and time again throughout the history of man, and perhaps it feels even more relevant now than ever witnessing the powers that be struggle with the moral handling of a global pandemic. It’s also hugely laced with irony, humor and contradictions – I’ll be the first to admit my lust for control, yet I’m also ready to laugh at myself (at my own expense) at how farcical our trivial desires for such things seem in the grand scheme of life.”

The accompanying video references videographer Rich Kern’s Submit To Me Now. “To me the title and video of his film both represent the inherent sexual power that the female body and mind possess – our ability to play god at our own choosing,” says October. “Also it’s just a sick video visually and Lung Leg looks badass and I can only hope to be half as rad as her one day.”

You can pre-order the EP HERE.

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