FUZZ – “Mirror” [Video]

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FUZZ, the Los Angeles-based trio of Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals), will release their first album in five years, III, this Friday, October 23rd on In The Red Recordings. Today, they present a final pre-release offering, “Mirror,” following a mind-bending stop motion video for“Spit” and lead single “Returning.” “Mirror” rides the previous tracks’ energies, with drums that pummel through high-power guitar riffs. It’s prime FUZZ, using III’s approach of taking the essential ingredients of “guitar based music” and “rock and roll power trio” and putting them on the chopping block. Not for the faint of heart, the offbeat “Mirror” video, directed by Joshua Erkman, is a full-out freak fest with a few bodily oddities.

“In an abstract way I wanted to incorporate some of the thoughts that have been swimming around in my head about isolation; it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about that these days,” says Erkman. “Making the video was an exciting challenge given our current circumstances – how do you shoot a rock ‘n’ roll band performing in a safe, but visually interesting way? In this case the answer was myself and the cinematographer, Star Rosencrans, dragging the band out to the middle of the desert with just a camera, some optical filters, and the bare minimum amount of lights needed.”

You can pre-order FUZZ III at In The Red HERE.

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