The Murder Capital: When I Have Fears [Album Review]

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The Murder Capital
When I Have Fears
Human Season Records [2019]

TFN Album Review: The debut album from Dublin’s The Murder Capital plays everything out front with its heart on its sleeve. The post-punk moodiness is dark as this group can turn the amps up on a dime and can transition from sounding like The Cure to Parquet Courts in a moment. That confidence is what will sell you on The Murder Capital as they have dynamic shift changes within each track.

On the quiet but intense “On Twisted Ground” the band broods for its entire 6-minute running time and holds the tempo which then transitions into the “Feeling Fades” which is a track that highlights The Murder Capital’s capabilities to create a frenzy. Much like Black Midi’s debut, you will find the vocals and music working on different planes here as they create a synergy that balances out each track.

Overall, The Murder Capital have released a solid debut. This band is still finding their sound but When I Have Fears has plenty of “moments” that hold your attention. Honestly, I would love to hear The Murder Capital lose their mind a bit more here but just knowing they can is enough to keep us coming back for more.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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