The Drin: Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom [Album Review]

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The Drin
Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom
Drunken Sailor/Feel It Records [2023]

Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom is the third long player from Cincinnati’s post-punk group The Drin. The group blends a darker edge of the genre with an overall cold vibe that pulls you closer into the album’s 10 songs. Their sound is noticeably different for the area even though the members all bring elements of their resume as The Drin can be traced to other Cincy groups that includes Corker, Crime of Passing, the Serfs and Fruit LoOops.

After the building intro track, The Drin start your journey with “Venom,” which has a catchy bouncing electronic beat that rains down on you as the deeper goth like spoken vocals from Dylan McCartney bridge the gaps between the looming rhythms. The moody dynamics in “Five And Dime Conjurers” takes you down even deeper into where The Drin exist as the song’s swagger keeps a consistent wave like flow that your body will follow. “Eyes Only For Space” once again pulls the shades down but now offers a dub trip that concludes with some clinking that locks into your brain. Each track offers up a new face of The Drin but the flow of the album cohesively connects.

One thing I really liked about this album is that The Drin do not stay in shadows the entire record as “Peaceful, Easy, Feeling” has these rapid fire drum beats that jump out of your speakers while “Stonewallin’” and “Walk So Far” both showcase a higher energy rock that fits in more with the modern post-punk scene. Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom is a record that does take several spins to hear all of its nuisances but it is The Drin’s most straightforward and best album to date. The record also is well sequenced and most definitely sets up some anticipation for where they go next!

“Five And Dime Conjurers” / “Stonewallin’” / “Walk So Far”

Bauhaus / FACS / Brainiac

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