The Chats: Get F*cked [Album Review]

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The Chats
Get Fucked
Bargin Bin Records [2022]

Anyone that follows indie music knows that Australia has been a growing hotbed for all genres of rock and punk for the last six years. While other continents have had an infatuation with pop stars and dance one hit wonders, the Aussies have been keeping it real and have showed plenty of support for scrappy punk bands like The Chats. Get Fucked is their sophomore release and it is a straight up in your face punk record. Think Sex Pistols, think Dead Kennedys or any other classic punk rockers that go for the jugular from the first guitar strum. All 13 tracks here put their foot on the gas and play out just like you would expect from looking at the album cover. Hard, fast and wrapping up things in under 30 minutes.

The spoken/shouted lyrics, the independent bass riffs and the compact guitar solos all make this record an experience. No song is the same but every song is the same. It is an undertone of genius that its delivery even makes sense. The Chats are the common mate with plenty to complain about as well as being pissed about normal everyday issues. The Chats also still know how to deal with all of it and have a good time. Their explosive energy is contagious, especially when they typically incorporate track’s titles into the chorus like the fist pumping delivery “Panic attack, tak, tak, tak, tak” during “Panic Attack” and the “Six liter GTR” call outs on the revving “GL GTR.” This song structure works for their punk style and never gets old. The Chats are a band that has expanded beyond their genres’ boundaries and one spin of Get Fucked will tell you why!

“6L GTR” / “The Price Of Smokes” / “I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane”

Cutters / Amyl & The Sniffers / Sex Pistols

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