Sweeping Promises: Good Living Is Coming For You [Album Review]

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Sweeping Promises
Good Living Is Coming For You
Feel It/Sub Pop Records [2023]

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Sweeping Promises, the once Boston-based post-punk outfit now located in Lawrence, Kansas, has unleashed a feverish and uncompromising attitude in their sophomore album, Good Living Is Coming For You. With unrelenting urgency and a distinct blend of post-punk, new wave, and garage rock influences, the duo of Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug once again delivers a refreshing and captivating musical experience that demands your attention from start to finish.

From the very first track, “Eraser,” the album sets a high-octane tone with its riot grrrl personality, propulsive drumming, jagged guitar riffs, and melodic keyboards. Vocalist Lira Mondal’s distinct voice cuts through the mix with a combination of vulnerability and determination, adding an extra layer of emotional depth to the music. The lyrics on “Eraser” describe a malevolent creep—an overly ambitious, shadowy force who bears an uncanny resemblance to you. It watches your every move, mirrors your motions, and ultimately uses your voice against you without you ever noticing what she’s done. This notion is highlighted as the song comes to a conclusion with the lines “I can’t face her / ‘Cause I made her / And I gave her / All her power / My Eraser.” Mondal makes you a quick believer that this shadow is real!

Sweeping Promises’ strength lies in their ability to create infectious layered hooks that stay with you long after the album has ended. This repetitive new wave technique pulls you into tracks with a strong Blondie vibe, especially on songs like “You Shatter” and “Throw Of The Dice.” The band’s knack for crafting memorable melodies will have you humming along involuntarily. The interplay between the guitar, keyboards, and drums is particularly noteworthy as they intertwine seamlessly, providing a solid foundation for the songs.

Good Living Is Coming For You is a concise album, much like their debut, clocking in at 31 minutes, but it packs a punch with its dynamic range and tight songwriting. The self-production perfectly captures the band’s DIY aesthetic with a bit of lo-fi hiss surrounding the tracks which gives them a more retro sounding flare. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, creating a cohesive sonic journey that keeps you engaged throughout.

While Sweeping Promises draws inspiration from post-punk pioneers of the past like The B-52’s, Lydia Lunch, Bush Tetras, and LiLiPUT, they manage to infuse their music with a modern twist, giving it a timeless quality that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh. On Good Living Is Coming For You, I especially love the incorporation of horns during “Connoisseur Of Salt,” and the pulsing keyboards are highlights on each track. Their unapologetic approach to songwriting and their ability to merge catchiness with this modern new wave edge avoids the sophomore slump for Good Living Is Coming For You and leaves a lasting impression!

“Eraser” / “You Shatter” / “Connoisseur Of Salt”

The B-52’s / Le Tigre / Blondie

Hunger For A Way Out (2020)

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