Spoon: Everything Hits At Once – The Best Of Spoon

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Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon
Matador Records [2019]


Who: Spanning a career well into its third decade, Spoon has released this greatest hits compilation that includes the new track “No Bullets Spent.”

Sound: Spoon has evolved from the grittier indie rock with Pixies influence to the present where they deliver songs with a modern-day sophistication.

TFN Final Take: Greatest hits compilations always stir some fan controversy when you discuss the tracklist. Spoon’s new Everything Hits at Once: The Best of Spoon is no different as the 12 tracks here selected ignore their first two albums completely. For longtime Spoon fans this is slightly painful because it seems like even giving Telephono (1996) and Series Of Sneaks (1998) at least a one song nod would have been appropriate. Especially when “All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed” and “Car Radio” would have been perfect to check the boxes and not even add more than 3 minutes of run time.

With that said, The Best of Spoon is an enjoyable listen. I don’t really have major issues with the tracks selected and overall they work and give you a solid Spoon experience. The new song added at the end, “No Bullets Spent,” is a Spoon track through and through. Memorable? Maybe not, but the song doesn’t distract you from why you hit play here in the first place. Would I have liked to see “Jonathan Fisk” or “The Fitted Shirt” also make the cut – you bet. Especially when, in my opinion, Girls Can Tell (2001) and Kill The Moonlight (2002) represent some of Spoon’s strongest work.

Overall, Everything Hits at Once: The Best of Spoon is a solid introduction to the band if you don’t know Spoon. Fans will want the new track and if you like Spoon, even just a little, – this compilation still is a rocking listen. The fact that Spoon has been around long enough to earn a hits record is the accomplishment here, so if you ultimately are not happy with the track selection go make your Spotify playlist now and who knows – you might even get your own vinyl pressing since Spoon is listening!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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