Narrow Head: Moments Of Clarity [Album Review]

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Narrow Head
Moments Of Clarity
Run For Cover Records [2023]

Moments Of Clarity is the third long player from Houston’s Narrow Head. The record continues the heavy alternative rock and shoegaze mix the band is known for that transports you back to the 90’s while dealing with the world’s issues of today.

Right from the opening track, “The Real,” you hear the weight of this album. Its simmering riffs, rolling grooves, bolstering drums and soaring hook will grab your ear instantly. What may have been a more familiar and popular sound when bands like Hum, Failure and Quicksand were on MTV’s 120 Minutes, Moments Of Clarity sounds different in today’s scene and stands alone. The record just keeps coming at you with thick layers of guitar and sometimes darker introspective lyrics. Although, compared to 2020’s 12th House Rock, Narrow Head now lets the songs sometimes poke their head out of the dark clouds.

Sonny DiPerri (NIN, Protomartyr, My Bloody Valentine), recorded, mixed, and produced the record, which was an absolute great choice as his resume was perfect for boosting Narrow Head’s overall sound to a higher level. This includes tracks like “Gearhead” and “Flesh & Solitude,” which appear back to back later in the record and feature some of the heaviest hitting guitars and vocal shout outs the band has recorded. This edge and consistent rhythmic momentum gives Moments Of Clarity a solid replay value and if you are looking for a legitimate rock record this year, Narrow Head just filled your need!

“The Real” / “Trepanation” / “The World”

Hum / The Smashing Pumpkins / Quicksand

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