Lucy Dacus: Home Video [Album Review]

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Lucy Dacus
Home Video
Matador Records [2021]

Lucy Dacus returns with her third album, Home Video, and it arrives at a perfect time as her profile on the indie scene has only increased since her excellent 2018 sophomore record Historian. With the skyrocket success of her collaborative partner Phoebe Bridgers and their side project boygenius with Julien Baker, Dacus has the stage set to be another household name and Home Video’s eleven tracks back it up.

I think this is Dacus’ best record to date as its lyrics are very personal with a nice mix of upbeat indie rockers and slower tunes that stick with you long after they complete. One of the album highlights is “First Time,” which has the big soaring fuzzed guitars as Dacus’ voice hovers right above the hum. On other songs like the memorable “Hot & Heavy” and “VBS,” Lucy’s voice is a staple that has a strength that is never in question. Her vocals reminds me of Aimee Mann as they possess a hush quality to them that can just launch out at any time with a range that does not seem to have limits.

The bond Dacus has with Bridgers and Baker is clearly strong and it only makes sense that both show up here helping out on vocals during “Please Stay” and “Going Going Gone.” You can’t just go find those harmonies anywhere and Home Video benefits from their inclusion. Even without those contributions, Lucy Dacus shines on Home Video. The material can be tough for sure but Dacus has never sounded more confident and focused. It is also her vulnerability that peaks through the cracks as she lets you hear it which only raises the bar. There is no question that you know her sound is real and Dacus hides nothing. Home Video feels like another solid stepping stone as Lucy Dacus becomes a regular in your playlist now and should be well into the future!

Key Tracks: “Hot & Heavy” / “First Time” / “Thumbs”

Artists With Similar Fire: Phoebe Bridgers / Aimee Mann / Sharon Van Etten

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Matador Records

-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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