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Exploding In Sound Records [2020]

I will totally admit that I was saddened in 2015 when I heard the news that Boston’s Krill had called it quits. The band produced some really good records that could be counted on for some powerful and quick post-punk. My mourning place for Krill was healed this year when I heard that the band was getting back together but now would be called Knot?. Why not just return as Krill? Great question, but after one spin through Knot’s excellent self-titled debut you will understand.

In Knot, Krill bassist and vocalist Jonah Furman switches to guitar, Krill guitarist Aaron Ratoff handles both guitar and bass, Ian Becker is still on drums, and Joe DeManuelle-Hall, the relative newcomer, also plays guitar. A tweak to the lineup, five years of aged wisdom and a passion to play music again creates a new canvas which finds Knot thriving. It also makes sense that they have found a new beginning for this chapter which matches their current lives. What was once a band that dove right in and went for it all, now slows things down and simmers each track. Each song gets plenty of time to develop with Knot’s angular indie arrangements that posses sharp turns, thought provoking lyrics and intricate melodic moments.

What makes Knot so engaging is the interplay between Furman’s delivery of high concept mature lyrics (that can be at times glass half empty) and the other band members pushing and pulling their instruments to match the mood. Also, don’t underestimate the songs’ strength on this album because of the slower overall mid-tempo pace because tracks like “Foam” have a raging back n forth guitar attack that bookends lyrics like “Was my father right when he said / Maybe we are all just evil motherfuckers”? / I believe in people’s power / But not at this late hour, personally.” Song after song, Knot engages the listener and never loses your attention.

Knot is an album that only gets better with each spin. It is a record that sits well and grooves as it highlights that a different perspective and time can make all the difference in the world between producing a good record and a great album. Knot has succeeded creating a new identity and clearly have produced the later here as this debut is solid all the way through!

Key Tracks: “Foam” / “Justice” / “I Live In Fear”

Artists With Similar Fire: Built To Spill / Pile / Karate

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-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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