GOAT: Medicine [Album Review]

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Rocket Recordings [2023]

GOAT, the enigmatic Swedish collective known for their unique blend of world music, psychedelia, and mysticism, has swiftly reemerged on the global music scene with Medicine. Following last year’s harder-edged and busier-sounding Oh Death, the band’s fifth full-length offering propels you gently across another sonic journey into the mystical and tribal. Medicine invites listeners to partake in a psychedelic ritual, offering a musical experience that transcends the boundaries of time and culture.

On the opening track, “Impermanence & Death,” the first thing you hear after some distant-sounding chanting is the question, “Sir? Shall we practice a little meditation together?” This is when the flute and rhythms take off into a mesmeric groove. “Raised By Hills” is an instrumental track that takes you on a foot-tapping voyage, driven by a relentless groove. The hypnotic guitar riffs, layers of percussion, and interwoven acoustic guitar create a mind-bending and trance-inducing experience that’s both mesmerizing and danceable. Next up, “I Became The Unemployment Office” takes a darker turn with its distorted guitars and haunting vocals. It’s a hazy and intense piece that captivates the listener’s attention and imagination.

GOAT has traditionally done a fantastic job of bringing the listener into their space. Medicine accomplishes this with all of its tempo changes and seamless transitions. Even though more of this album maintains a nice mid-pace, GOAT still offers several psychedelic rock jams throughout the record, as seen on “Join The Resistance,” which delivers an entrancing blend of world music rhythms and finishes with sprawling metal riffs. The steady percussion and swirling instrumentation evoke a sense of ritualistic fervor, making it an engaging and transfixing experience.

Medicine is a captivating musical journey that invites the listener to participate in a trance-inducing blitz of sound. GOAT’s ability to weave together a diverse array of musical influences, from world music to psychedelia, is once again showcased in this album. Medicine is an immersive experience, a ceremony of auditory exploration that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with primal and spiritual aspects of the human psyche.

“Impermanence & Death” / “Raised By Hills” / “Join The Resistance”

Kikagaku Moyo / The Soundtrack Of Our Lives / Acid Mothers Temple

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