Gee Tee: Goodnight Neanderthal [Album Review]

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Gee Tee
Goodnight Neanderthal
Urge/Goner Records [2023]

Sydney’s Kel Mason is the man behind the spastic lo-fi punk sounds of Gee Tee. He has released a multitude of music under this moniker since 2016 and has grown his underground following with every new release. Gee Tee’s newest long player, Goodnight Neanderthal, formalizes all his past work and highlights its energy with 10 power tracks recorded with Ishka Edmeades (Tee Vee Repairmann) and Ryan Ellem.

At 18 minutes, Goodnight Neanderthal flies by as its tracks transition seamlessly. Mason’s distorted vocals hoover just above the music, which you can understand but keeps some extra focus on the lyrics. Mason’s vocal delivery reminds me of early King Tuff or Wavves but with a little more punk snarl. The fiery keyboards supporting tracks also give Gee Tee a different overall vibe like on the songs “Grease Rot Chemical” and “Rock Phone.” Edmeades takes lead guitar duties on “Bad Egg,” which has a bigger riff punch and some great pointed lyrics like “Cause you’re a bad egg – Not good!”

Front to back, Gee Tee is like shotgunning a Red Bull. It never slows down, it has some solid punk grit and the speed and style works in the album’s favor. Each track has just enough variation to keep you hungry and the song topics at times will have you questioning if the world will make it! Another high volt highlight here is the final track “40K” where Mason sings rhythmically “So say goodbye to your man. Cause you’re dying in the 40k!” and it feels like the most uplifting track. These sharp blasts on Goodnight Neanderthal from Gee Tee are easy to absorb, have a high replay value and will absolutely make you want to hear more from this ever evolving band!

“(I Hate) Drivin’ In The City” / “Bad Egg” / “40K”

Fascinating / Tee Vee Repairmann / Wavves

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