Blondi’s Salvation: Wisdom Whisper [Album Review]

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blondis-salvation-wisdom-whisper Blondi’s Salvation
Wisdom Whisper
Howlin’ Banana Records [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: You may not know much about the French music scene but they have quietly been churning out some great new music with the help of Howlin’ Banana Records. Psych-folk group Blondi’s Salvation’s sophomore album Wisdom Whisper, is the labels latest release and it is an intricate and complex listen from beginning to end. With tracks that push past the five-minute mark, Blondi’s Salvation take their time and let their songs develop. This smoldering effect not only gives the listener time to engage but allows Blondi’s Salvation to take you on a journey. Wisdom Whisper comes at you a little differently compared to other psych-folk groups, as it feels darker and almost moves into shoegaze territory at times with its patterns and diverse instrumentation which can even have an Indian flavor to it. Blondi’s Salvation has a Sixteen Horsepower meets The Black Angels inspiration that creates large compositions and keeps you on the mental edge that only gets more cerebral with every listen.

Blondi’s Salvation Website
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Howlin’ Banana Records

– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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