Bermuda Squares: Outsider [Album Review]

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Bermuda Squares
Feel It Records [2024]

Album Overview: Bermuda Squares is a modern indie punk band from Minneapolis, led by Tony Milek. The lineup features members from various notable local groups, including Sinks, Neo Neos, Citric Dummies, Color TV, Green/Blue, Retainers, Dummy, the Soviettes, IV, and Awesome Snakes. Their collective resume contributes to their tight and distinct sound, as each of the members bands have released albums that just rip. Bermuda Squares’ debut record, Outsider, perfectly blends this past experience, resulting in a cohesive fast indie punk ride. The album wraps up after a tidy 29 minutes and leaves you wanting more. The record was engineered by Erik Nervous, an absolute fit if you checked out his record Immaturity last year which offered a blend of bouncy garage post-punk and feverish pop new wave.

Musical Style: The band’s sound is characterized by a melding of energetic, catchy tunes with a raw, unpolished edge. They incorporate elements of punk, garage rock, and pop, creating a sound that’s both familiar and fresh.

Evolution of Sound: Throughout their careers in various bands, the members of Bermuda Squares have honed their craft, leading to a polished yet dynamic sound. Outsider reflects the merging of past influences with their current musical direction, which is on fire.

Artists with Similar Fire: Bermuda Squares should have a wide appeal among fans of Hüsker Dü, The Ramones, The Replacements, and The Stooges. While these are big names, Bermuda Squares’ style has a similar straightforward, spirited rock with a pop sensibility and a dash of distortion. For some more contemporary comparisons, check out Split System, Erik Nervous, Alien Nosejob, and the Osees.

Pivotal Tracks: Key songs on the album include the final track, “Car Accident,” which just crosses the 2-minute mark. The track is a ripper and features Erik Nervous playing the piano in the background. “Robbery” has a more classic punk fever to it, especially with its Ramones-like chorus. Other songs, like the title track and “Grid,” are easy earworms that get in your head with riffs and harmonies, highlighting the band’s strengths and serving as standout examples of their overall sound and energy.

Lyrical Strength: The lyrics on Outsider are marked by their simplicity and wit, reflecting everyday themes and emotions with a playful yet sincere approach.

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