Basement: Colourmeinkindness [Album Review]

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Run For Cover Records [2012]

Fire Note Says: The sophomore album from Basement brings back the glory days of indie guitar rock for an entire new generation to enjoy!

Album Review: I was just having this conversation last week about my wish (and the need) for solid straightforward guitar rock to make a return to the indie ranks. I am not talking about what many would call rock radio in its current state (or maybe ever) but a return to that grinding and edgy style that some great 90’s acts like Hum, Jawbox and Sunny Day Real Estate used to bring to every album they released. Well, you can now add the young UK group Basement alongside groups like METZ and Absolute Monarchs which are amping up their guitars.

Colourmeinkindess is the group’s sophomore record and it represents a true progression and expansion of ideas from last years debut I Wish I Could Stay Here. It is an album that seems quite simple from the exterior as its cover art is somewhat neutral, 9 of its 10 tracks have one word titles and the album is over after 33 minutes. Now don’t let any of that fool you as Basement’s direct lyrics smack your brain and vocalist Andrew Fisher’s drawn out deliveries pull the listener along willingly. “Covet” kicks off with just Fisher singing “When I’m with you – I don’t want to be with you” before the thundering drums and guitar rocket the song off upward into a slow burn while these quick transitions work well for Basement like in the opening track “Whole” where the last third of the song possesses a memorable solo guitar riff where everything else halts for a full 10 seconds before the track gears back up to its conclusion. This of course only covers the first two tracks on the album as the remaining eight bring forth the same quality start-stop rhythms and crunching guitar work.

Call me old timer, call me old school, call me a dreamer but Basement’s modern retro sound is energizing to hear. Even though the album could be from the 90’s, Colourmeinkindness hits fresh and should engage an entire new generation with Basement’s young vigor. Sadly, the Basement recently announced plans to go on an indefinite hiatus after some final shows this year so hopefully they will reconsider because Colourmeinkindness should propel them to bigger things! I also hope that this small resurgence of guitar power on the indie scene continues to thrive, not only because its great – but it is time!

Key Tracks: “Spoiled”, “Control”, “Whole”

Artists With Similar Fire: Jawbox / Hum / Quicksand

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Run For Cover Records

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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