They Might Be Giants’ limited edition “Holiday Bundle” released!

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They Might Be Giants’ limited edition 
Holiday Bundle” released!
Includes NEW DVD compilation, Paranormal playing cards + more!
Videos on the TMBG
Hoaxes and Myths Playing Cards + 80’s Photos & Poster Reprints 
Brooklyn originals ready new LP 
Announce National Tour
Release new DVD video compilation
New Year’s shows sell out
Brooklyn’s beloved They Might Be Giants continue to create their own way. For many years the band has made a tradition of creating special sale packages for holiday gift giving. This year they raised the bar to a new level with a brand new Holiday Bundle.
The set includes:

* A brand new 24 song video DVD called Them Ain’t Big Eye Ants with rare clips from Home Movies and Homestar Runner, as well as TMBG’s joyous cover of Tubthumpingwith the AV Club Choir.

* A deck of custom playing cards–Paranormal, Cryptids, Hoaxes and Myths–created in collaboration with reknown graphic design superstar Paul Sahre

featured on Laughing Squid.

* A set of intriguing reprints of original TMBG show fliers from their club years.

* A New Year’s Eve shirt with Tony Millionaire’s Drinky Crow, a travel mug, plus 3 smallmystery items.

As a gift to fans, the bundle is available for 50% off its retail value. Over 1500 of the 2500 limited edition sold in the first three days. It will be available through November 19, or until the remaining 1000 are sold.

Following a series of phenomenal family projects which earned them a “Best Children’s Album” GRAMMY Award for 2008’s Here Come The 123s and a nomination for 2009’sHere Comes Science, TMBG released a new widely acclaimed adult record Join Us in 2011. The group is now back in the studio putting final touches on a powerhouse of a new adult record due out early next year.
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