Fire Track: Pale Jay – “Easy, Lee”

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Later this summer musician/producer Pale Jay will be releasing his latest studio album Low End Love Songs via Karma Chief Records. The lead single “Easy, Lee,” is an engaging track that delves into the theme of losing touch with your intuition and distrusting the validity of your own emotions, especially in moments of conflict. It features super tender piano and falsetto vocals from Pale Jay. Maybe the most introspective and vulnerable song on the album, with classic boom bap drums and triumphant, hopeful string arrangements.

“Low End Love Songs, more so than previous releases, is a diary in form of song. I knew I just had to wait for the songs to be ready to be picked, like ripe fruit from a tree. The entire album came together in just four weeks, a process that was both cathartic and joyful.

Each tune encapsulates a distinct moment in my life, with music serving as my means of processing complex and sometimes conflicting emotions.

In this album, I depart from loop-based song structures towards more intricate and lush compositions. Latin influences permeate the music, adding new layers of rhythms and textures to my soul-music roots.”

-Pale Jay

Pale Jay’s new album Low End Love Songs is out September 6th via Karma Chief Records. Click here to pre-order. His new digital single “Easy, Lee” is out now on DSPs.

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