Fire Track Premiere: Plastic Harpoons -“East Of State”

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TFN is happy to premiere the latest single from Santa Barbara indie-rock outfit Plastic Harpoons. “East of State,” is off their forthcoming LP, Modern World, that will be released on October 21 via Lolipop Records. What we really like about this track is its diverse slow burner approach that has a jazz funk groove while combing with its slightly twangy vocals. “East Of State” feels familiar but takes you to all kinds of new places!

Oct 14 – Santa Barbara, CA – Fox Wine
Nov 3 – Santa Barbara, CA – Soho

“I wrote the original concept to be more of a mellow love song about someone being caught off guard by love at first sight. We jammed on it a few times before we unlocked a groove that we could not ignore. We decided that the setting for this song needed to match the vibe of the music. Taylor then crafted a background setting of a guy having his usual debaucherous night out on the town when he is struck by love and saved by her for the night.”

— Daniel Vasquez, Lead Guitarist

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