Track Premiere: Brat Curse – “Psycho In The Furnace”

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We are excited today to share with you the premiere track, “Psycho In The Furnance,” from Brat Curse’s self-titled sophomore record. The song is a modern punk indie crush that will quickly strike your ears with its driving riff, slightly distorted vocals and crashing drums. The track will get your fist pumping in its short just under 2 minute running time and you will hear how it clearly fits in with some other Ohio bands we love like Connections, Gaunt and Guided By Voices.

The album will be released August 2nd on Anyway Records and will see the band touring extensively in the second half of 2019. For vinyl fans, the LP pressing will be a very limited 200 copies so make sure you buy early! The indie rock does not get more fresh than what Brat Curse is offering so TFN suggests to turn it up and support them now!

Brat Cruse Facebook
Brat Cruse Bandcamp
Anyway Records

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