Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 34

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Everyone has been emailing and asking – when is the Bandcamp feature returning? Well – how about right now! After consistent enquires we are back with the beloved feature!

For this outing we have some in your face punk from Melbourne, psych-pop from Sacramento, basement rock out of Cincinnati, post-punk from Oakland, Vancouver power pop and psychedelic instrumentals all the way from Sydney. A warm welcome back for TFN Bandcamp Artists feature and the drill is still the same: Discover, Support, & Share!

Monster Movie
Berkshire, England

Christian Savill and Sean Hewson have been in bands together since the late ’80s with Slowdive being the one you probably know the best. Monster Movie is their more current group (although a Slowdive reunion is coming) as Keep The Voices Distant is Monster Movie’s fifth album and their first record since 2010’s Everyone Is a Ghost. This one has potential and it is at Gravefaces’ Bandcamp!

Monster Movie Bandcamp

marbled-eye Marbled Eye
Oakland, California

We have totally been sitting on Marbled Eye. In fact, I liked it so much I quickly bought the cassette at Melters page HERE. Luckily, you can still pick up their raw post punk collection of 5 tracks digitally as well. The EP is really musically tight as this band has similar tones of Preoccupations and some early Interpol. Concise directly delivered vocals with a smidge of recklessness and a whole lot of purpose.

Marbled Eye Bandcamp

The Courtneys
Vancouver, Canada

The Flying Nun label should be enough to grab your attention for The Courtneys. The power pop trio, recently released their sophomore album, The Courtneys II, which is full of early ’90s sounds that will remind you of Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, and The Clean. This is one of those bands you will get instantly hooked right from the first track “Silver Velvet” and want to turn up the volume immediately. Good passionate songwriting and playing offers a slightly fuzzy and fun album from beginning to end.

The Courtneys Bandcamp

sinking-suns Sinking Suns
Madison, Wisconsin

Sinking Suns hit you with a post-punk/noise-rock from the beginning with a blend of blues, garage, surf and punk. The band definitely has a harder edge to them with a consistent grinding guitar which really grabbed my attention. The controlled chaos of the record will keep you both unsteady and enthralled. A perfect balance of muscle and finesse that works. Their full length hit last year so we will see where 2017 takes them.

Sinking Suns Bandcamp

comacozer Comacozer
Sydney, Australia

How about heavy tripped out psychedelic instrumentals, that will make you feel like you’re sitting on a pyramid looking into an open sky with a kaleidoscope of unknown patterns, the deeper you get the more lost you will become. How about that band description! Well, check out this 5 song over 40-minute mind melter from Australia.

Comacozer Bandcamp

Sacramento, California

Here is a psych-pop group that we know TFN followers will be completely sold on. You can hear their eagerness on their debut Diving Bells with the fading echoed vocals, slightly reverbed guitar and plenty of little moments that will make you want to hit replay. Most of Vasas songs hit the 2-minute sweet spot and quickly slow build into sprawling arrangements out of nowhere. Diving Bells is an excellent debut and we see this band earning more exposure very soon.

Vasas Bandcamp

Dead Coast
London, England

If you have not checked out London psych rockers Dead Coast debut LP Shambolic then this feature will act as a two for one. The band has a new single, “The Silt,” which highlights their surf backbone and fuzzed out vocals that you can not only pick up digitally but on a stellar 7″ from the excellent Greenway Records label HERE. This song grooves all the way till the end and if you like what you hear you must work backwards and pick up last year’s Shambolic.

Dead Coast Bandcamp

Cincinnati, Ohio

Chris Wales, aka Hamlet, gives you plenty of straightforward indie rock from the basement. With the help of Jason Short on drums and Mike Fair’s guitar work, Hamlet has just released the engaging 7 track The Low Points of the High Points. Hamlet has the sound of a Tobin Sprout style with the leanings toward the solo song structure of Bonnie Prince Billy.

Hamlet Bandcamp

Melbourne, Australia

Get ready America! In The Red Records just announced the release of Electric Glitter Boogie, the debut LP from Melbourne garage rock boogie trio Power. Originally released via seminal Aussie punk/garage label Cool Death in 2015, In The Red’s reissue of Electric Glitter Boogie, out March 24, 2017, is the first time the Australian trio’s album will see release outside of their home country. It is a scorcher and sounds like the fresh catch of the day. Hide your kids, Power is going to knock down your door soon!

Power Bandcamp

Bloomington, Indiana

Hoops hits TFN modern soft power pop nerve as their sound has the smooth mellow groove of EZTV, Real Estate or Ultimate Painting. The Indiana four-piece debut album, Routines, is not out until May 5th via Fat Possum but their Bandcamp single already has us anticipating a great listen. Hoops earlier recordings were made on four-track tape machines in living rooms and basements but Routines marks the band’s first sessions in an actual studio. Don’t expect them to lose their style because I think it has only giving them more creative space – and that is a good thing!

Hoops Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Thomas Wilde

Fire Note Staff

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