Kal Marks: Let The Shit House Burn Down [Album Review]

Kal Marks
Let The Shit House Burn Down
Exploding in Sound Records [2019]


Who: Boston’s Kal Marks rip their way through a 5-track EP, laying everything to waste with their wonderfully grotesque sound.

Sound: Kal Marks make beautiful, grungy noise. Off-putting to some, but it draws me in every time.

TFN Final Take: Let The Shit House Burn Down doesn’t waste any time. This 5-track EP is efficient. Lean and mean Kal Marks’ noise rock. “Nu Legs” opens the album. Its deep guttural noise is punctuated by Carl Shane’s unique vocals that range from a nasal twang to a scalding caterwaul.

The assault on your ears doesn’t let up with “Kimmy.” It is another bracing track from these purveyors of sludgy noise rock. Track 3 lets up a little bit, acting as a nice set up for the epic and one of the best tracks on the album. It’s so “Hard to Know How to Say Goodbye” is a real stunner, it breaks from the normal Kal Marks mold and even drifts towards a quasi-Pavement realm towards the end of the song.

Album closer, “Science is Science” is the real hero here. The band unleashes everything in their repertoire, resulting in an epic ending to an EP that will leave your head spinning, your eardrums bleeding and wanting more music from this incredible band.

Kal Marks Review History: Universal Care (2018); Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies (2016)

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– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Author: Daniel Taylor

Photographer/journalist for the U.S. Navy for 26 years. Music fan since forever. Music really hit him in the early 90’s when he heard the Pixies’ Doolittle LP. After that came Pavement and then Guided by Voices. His love for those bands formed his taste in music and he continues to search for that musical “high” today. Married for 18 years and currently lives in Japan.

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