Cash Rivers And The Sinners: Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal And The Vertical 2 LP (Black Vinyl | Limited)

Cash Rivers (aka Robert Pollard) and the Sinners is back with this 2 LP 69-track psychedelic tour de force spanning genres such as country, western, country & western, rock, pop, reggae, punk, metal, hip-hop, disco, swing, children’s, surf, glam, post-punk and doo-wop. A little something for everyone. This is the swan song of the Cash Rivers catalog!

If you remember, the Cash Rivers debut Blue Balls Lincoln sold out in one day so don’t delay on picking this one up! The gatefold 2 LP set is on black vinyl. There is not a pressing number but they are listed as limited. You can order up at Rockathon Records HERE.

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