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Jealous Butcher Records [2017]


Portland, Oregon’s Eyelids bring plenty of power pop sweetness on their sophomore effort Or. The band has a solid resume with members John Moen and Chris Slusarenko working in the past with the likes of Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices), Stephen Malkmus (Pavement/Jicks), Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) and Elliott Smith. The group is rounded out with guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Drews (Sunset Valley, Damien Jurado) and the final result gives you memorable hooks that keep you coming back. The record was produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M. and mixed by Thom Monahan (Peter, Bjorn and John, Devandra Banhart, Fruit Bats), so there should be no hesitation on this modern day Big Star. If you liked their debut, 854, Or should be in your playlist.

Eyelids Website
Eyelids Facebook
Jealous Butcher Records

Benjamin Gibbard
Turntable Kitchen [2017]

If you could only bring along one indie power pop record from the nineties to a desert island there is a good chance a good number of people would pick Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque (1991). Now, take that record and let a guy like Death Cab For Cutie’s Benjamin Gibbard sing it from front to back.

That is exactly what Turntable Kitchen did with their new Sounds Delicious vinyl series and the results are fantastic. Gibbard takes a very straightforward approach to this cover album so there are tons of guitars and melodies. He does add several minutes to the opener “The Concept” and changes the fuzzed up over 2-minute “Pet Rock” into a 47 second Beach Boys goes to church moment. What I like here is that Gibbard felt no need to drastically change a great record because this is exactly how he would want to hear it played and his version is solid.

Death Cab For Cutie Website
Death Cab For Cutie Facebook
Turntable Kitchen


Bottom Of The Barrel
Self-Released [2017]

Not many bands have the guts to have an electric cello be the focus but that is exactly what we get from Cincinnati’s Lung. Kate Wakefield (vocals, electric cello) and Daisy Caplan (drums), give you a powerful fierceness that never slows down. Lung keep you on the edge of your speakers with their pulsing undertones. The honest indie rock n roll is undeniable on their debut and they combine everything good about Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses), PJ Harvey and Concrete Blonde. Bottom Of The Barrel is a dark brooder and Lung should be a new discovery for you today!

Lung Website
Lung Facebook

Amy O
Winspear Records [2017]


Bloomington-based singer-songwriter Amy O is another strong indie spirit that is showcased on her new release Elastic. She will remind you of Colleen Green, Waxahatchee and even That Dog with her pop rock guitar and likable bouncy voice. I really liked this album as Elastic expands on her previous more bedroom pop produced albums because it definitely is bigger all the way around. Sometimes, I feel that drive for the exploding sound gets repetitive here but I think Amy O is an artist to watch because if Elastic is truly a transition record – her next album will be on fire!

Amy O Website
Amy O Facebook
Winspear Records


The Side Eyes
So Sick
In The Red Records [2017]

Southern California punk quartet The Side Eyes deliver a very raw in your face debut that rides on the fire inside of 22-year old lead singer Astrid McDonald. McDonald is the daughter of Go-Go’s guitarist-songwriter Charlotte Caffey and Redd Kross singer-guitarist Jeff McDonald so she has a knack for the business at a young age and after she rips through songs like “I Hate Dates” and “Teenage Jerk,” you know what you are in for. If the Descendants met the Red Aunts and punked out some tracks – you get The Side Eyes with 25 minutes of pedal to the floor. I can’t wait to see what this band does next.

The Side Eyes Website
The Side Eyes Facebook
In The Red Records

-Reviews by Christopher Anthony and Thomas Wilde

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