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The Fire Note is an independently owned and operated online music magazine based out of Dayton, Ohio. The Fire Note has had a presence on the music blog scene since April 2006 and is now one of the best positive music publications on the internet.

The Fire Note has had its content linked by a multitude of external sites that includes artists, music labels and promotion firms. The Fire Note has been a member of the MOG Music Network since January 2010, a respected music reporting expert to Any Descent Music and the provider of music reviews to Australian webzine The Blurb.

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Author: Fire Note Staff

Online Music Magazine: Independent Music Reviews, Vinyl Spotlights, Music News, Videos, 7-inch record features + more!

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  1. Hi all –

    Jim Viner here. I was a member of a band called The Diplomats Of Solid Sound.

    I have a solo album out – titled “Comango!” by Jim Viner’s Incredible B3 Band.

    Could I send you a copy?

    Thanks! –

    Jim Viner

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